Year of 1/1/2016 to 12/31/2016

Important Totals

All Files Served 2,465,619 1,392,034,825 103,132 View Chart
Unique Visitors (IP Address Method) 7,966 View Chart
Home Page Views 61,714 14,365,382 17,357 View Chart
Common CGI scripts Accesses 19 0 0 View Chart
PHP scripts Accesses 2,259,109 709,114,421 41,454 View Chart

Executive Summary

The web site received 103,132 visits. A typical visitor examined 1.31 documents before leaving the site. A typical visit lasted for 0.13 minutes. The longest visit lasted for 1,436 minutes.

Visitors came from 7,966 distinct Internet addresses.

The web server delivered 812 unique documents one or more times each.

The web server was visited by 1 distinct authorized users. Authorized users are required to log into the web server with a specific name and password.

2 distinct Internet web sites were accessed via the proxy server.

There were 6,208 requests for documents which did not exist on the web server. The web server was linked to by 11,633 distinct pages on other web servers.

The web server was linked to by one or more pages found on 6,137 distinct web sites.

34 distinct search keywords were used to locate documents on the web server via Internet search servers, such as Altavista(tm) and Yahoo(tm).

2 distinct Internet search servers were used to reach the site.

Visitors used 188 distinct web browsers and other web access programs to reach the web server. Visitors used 132 distinct operating systems on their computers. Visitors followed a total of 2,112 distinct, non-trivial "trails" among the documents found on the web server.

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